Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Year of Change & Birthday Cute!!

Well here we are, 2 days before the first day of school! It's such a year of change for me. I've mentioned in previous posts that this year we are diving in to the Daily 5. I'm also welcoming an all new team of teachers to my grade level this year. I am the only returning veteran. Although I will miss my previous team dearly, I have already fallen in love with my new girls! They are so much fun and such go getters! We are going to have a blast. And my final big change...I say this baby girl will begin Kindergarten on Monday!!! I thought I would be ok with this since we will be on the same hallway and closer than we've ever been, but apparently I'm going to be an emotional mess on Monday. You see as I walked out of my classroom late Friday after preparing my room for my firsties, I walked passed my daughter's kinder classroom.  They had a letter posted on the door to kinder parents about kissing them goodbye on the first day and it was signed Love, Your Big Kindergartener! Oh my, my eyes filled with tears immediately. Apparently, I'm not as strong as I thought!!

Now back to business!!! I want to share this super cute way that one of my teammates is displaying birthdays in her classroom.  I think that it is just adorable!!

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