Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

Ok, this will be my favorite part of teacher week!! Not so much to show my room, but to see all of the super cute classrooms out there! Head on over to Blog Hoppin' and check out all of the fabulous linkys!

So here's just a few pics from my Work Sweet Home!!...
I've actually posted a picture of my meeting board before, but I was able to snag this fabulous rug at a yard sale this year just before school started.  I'm lovin it!

Student cubbies. 
Leveled library and student book boxes.

Reading corner.
Math manipulatives, read alouds, puzzles, and files.

Word Wall (This was actually taken at the end of last year when ALL of our first grade words were up on the board!) I also now have a separate book shelf for the books that were on the ledge.

My workspace.

Guided reading and small group area.

Well that's about it! Right now it's actually a mess from surving the first 3 days of school. Soooo glad that you stopped by my room! (giggles)


  1. Marissa,

    LOVE your leveled book box number labels! Are those on your TpT store? Your classroom looks fantastic! Love the zebra print with the bright colors!

    Kim from :

  2. Sorry! I just realized I misspelled your name with 2 s's, instead of 1!

    Kim from :

  3. It looks lovely. I like the pink, black, blue colour scheme!

    Grade ONEderful

  4. OMiword! LOVIN' that zebra rug!!!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  5. You are in my Top 10. Go grab your award!

  6. AMAZING!!!! I love everything!!!! Those shelves are so.......ORGANIZED!

  7. I love manipulatives and anything that can incorporate learning and fun at the same time !

  8. Your room is great. Where did you get the canvases of the storybooks?

  9. Wow, loving the bright colors! Where did you get the student book boxes? Are they in some kind of wire frame to keep them from tipping? Also, loving the character pictures on your wall (Cat in the Hat, Bad Case of Stripes etc) Are they canvases? Where did you get them?

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  10. I love the desk skirt! It looks so much more inviting.

  11. Love all the pink! Your room is so bright & colorful!

    Primary Inspired

  12. I love all the bright colors and polka dots. You room looks amazing.

  13. Thanks everyone!
    @ Jennifer K - The book boxes came from Really Good Stuff. I love them. They were a wonderful investment!

  14. What is your trick to getting the material to stick to the desk? Mine did not stay when I tried to tape it to the kidney table?

  15. Love your desk!!! Did you hot glue fabric or use Velcro to attach to your desk??

  16. Love your setup! Where did you get your files that hold your read aloud books?


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