Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Classroom Reveal...Burlap & Black

Ok well it's not technically my classroom BUT I did create the sets.  In fact these pictures are actually a combination of 2 different classrooms in my building that used my Burlap & Black decor.  I am loving the results.  Ms. Durbin (whom I'm uber-excited is my daughter's teacher this year) from 3rd Grade's a Hoot wanted a change of pace from her bright owls...and well since I am no longer in a classroom myself {more on that in a future post} I had to get my decorating fix some way... so I volunteered to make her set. I am super happy with the results and well she says it feels so "zen!" Fabulous! Disclaimer: Please excuse the blurry pics.  Had to count on the iPhone for this one.


Table Numbers & Name Tags

Clip Chart and Hall of Fame

Student Book Boxes & Leveled Library
(Bins from Walmart)

Daily 5 & CAFE Board

Welcome Sign & Subject Headers

How cute is the little valance! It was made using burlap and black ribbon! (No sew!)

Other Decoratives!
(Fabric & Burlap: Hobby Lobby)
(Door Sign - Painted Canvas w/ Printable burlap sheet: Walmart)

All of this burlap business makes my southern heart happy! 

You can pick up your Burlap & Black Decoratives in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Burlap & Black

Well I avoided going to Mardel for as long could.  I had convinced myself that I did not need to see all of the new wonderful decor and did not need to add more to my already too large border obsession.  Then it happened.  I was actually going to grab a few supplies for an upcoming staff development.  A quick trip turned into a 2 hour browsing session of the newest classroom decor...just like I KNEW it would!!  I left completely inspired and abandoned my plans for the rest of the day to start a new classroom set.  This is what did it...

Oh that burlap! I won't actually have a classroom this year but I was too in love to just let it go.  I immediately began creating.  I was sharing my new endeavor when my friend Misty from 3rd Grade's a Hoot asked to take a peek.  She was in!!...ready for a classroom makeover.  Goodbye sweet owls...hellooooo BURLAP & BLACK.  Now that the sets are complete I can not wait to see how her room turns out.  Check it out.

And a few coordinating accessories...

You can pick these items up in my TPT store.

Just in time for the sale!

Back soon with pics of the burlap classroom, a birdie giveaway, staff development goodies, and my new office!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

College & Career Week...

I've always shared my door decor for our college / career week...Generation Texas round these parts.  But I have to say that I think this year is by far my favorite!! I went round and round with ideas on what to do. My 1st grade team is hashtag obsessed. It all started with that Timberlake/Fallon video!  After that, we just couldn't stop.  #firstgrade #this #that.  It has become #quiteentertaining.  I combined that with the selfie craze to come up with our design. So cute.

I just set out my camera and called them one at a time to take a #selfie! They were hilarious!  Then they typed their name and what they wanted to be when they grow up.  I have GOT to save these pictures till 2025 Haha!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week...

HaPpY TeAcHeR ApPreCiAtIoN wEeK!!! Well it's only day 2 of a week where we are spoiled rotten and I am already happy as pie.  I tell you what, if these gifts don't have my name/style written all over 'em...I don't know what would.  I am in L.O.V.E.! Check it out.

Of course I'm joining in on the TPT sale so head on over to my page and grab some goodies.  I found this super cute sale graphic from Erica's Ed-ventures!

AND I've broken down and grabbed this little blog a spot on Instagram! FOLLOW ME!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2 Linky...

I'm clearly highly motivated by the Read Across America Week Linky at Primary Chalkboard!

Tuesday's Topic: Everything Dr. Seuss!! I've got this one covered!

Let's start with a handful of pictures from today's celebration.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was scheduled for a workshop today but I just had to drop in first thing this morning a snap a few pics with my awesome team and daughter.  Here we are in our Seuss gear...
We made our bow tie shirts and grabbed the hats from Party City. 

My daughter's grade level decorated with Horton Hears a Who, so she dressed as a clover complete with a speck and Horton plush.

My classroom parents did an amazing job on the snacks and goodies!

I didn't quite get my door exactly the way I wanted it, but I'm happy with the result.

So cute.  You can also find my previous Seuss celebrations HERE my Seuss inspired Word Family Board HERE, and a post dedicated to The Lorax HERE.

I hope you are enjoying a Seuss-tastic week!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Well hello blogging besties and fabulous teachers! After a blog hiatus and a laptop repair I am so happy to be back to blog world! Here's what's going on at First Grade Glitter and Giggles...

I got caught up on blog stalking today after being iced in (more on that in a minute!) and the one thing on my brain is...I'm thinking I need a blog makeover.  I think it's time.  I do feel like my blog represents my personality well, but I am loving some of the new cleaner designs.  And of course all of those fabulous tabs and sparkly buttons sure would help with my obsession need for organization!! Now to shop for an update. LAWDIE!

Next up...this Texas weather!
No joke.  I was in shorts and sandals on Saturday and then we had an ice storm on Sunday, complete with thunder-sleet. School was canceled today. I was actually bummed.  I love Read Across America!!! I spent Sunday working on my daughter's costume and our team shirts and then got the cancellation notice.  Normally postponing the celebration 1 day would be no biggie.  However, I am scheduled for a workshop tomorrow. Yikes! Is there anyone else that would have anxiety about snacks coming, a campus dress up, and a read in when you aren't there? Yes, me too.  But most of all, I'm sad to miss out on all of the fun.  Which brings me to the...

Read Across America Linky at Primary Chalkboard!

Monday: Favorite Children's Author and Books...
I would have to say that Dr. Seuss is my all time favorite, but I feel like he is kind of in a category of his own.  I have so many favorites that it's just so hard to narrow it down to a few. I'm just totally obsessed with children's books in general.  In fact my DREAM job (other than teaching of course) would be to own a children's bookstore.  Maybe I've seen "You've Got Mail" just a few too many hundred times, but the idea of something like The Shop Around The Corner just seems enchanting! Ok so back to my favorite author(s).  I've narrowed it down to 3.  These are the 3 that I just couldn't make it through my year without! In no particular order of course.

David Shannon!
My first David Shannon book was Alice The Fairy.  I just giggled and giggled when I read that thing in college and I was hooked.  Of course his David books are essential to any elementary classroom.  

I met Peter Reynolds a few years back when he was a speaker at a workshop here in Texas.  The one word that I think of when I think of  Mr. Reynolds is INSPIRED.  Not only did he inspire me, but his books and personal story inspire both teachers and students.  The message in his books, The Dot and Ish (just to name a few), are so heart warming that I've shared both of these in a read aloud format at staff development (to adults!) and can easily tear up when reading them.  They are just amazing.  He is also the talented illustrator for books such as the Megan McDonald Judy Moody series and several Judy Bloom books.  Not to mention..he has a bookstore, The Blue Bunny! (See previously mentioned dream job above!)

Jane O'Connor
Seriously, you knew I had to have that coming.  There's nothing more fitting to Glitter & Giggles than some Fancy Nancy!  I use these books all of the time.  So much in fact, that even my dapper gentlemen are fans! The connection to curriculum is so much fun.  Vocabulary, colorful words in writing, sensory details...there are so many ways to incorporate these books.  We just adore them. That's fancy for really, really like them!

Well there you go! It feels good to be back! See you again real soon.