Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Glitter... (Anchors, TPT, & Snowmen Freebie)

Ok, just a quick drop in to sprinkle a little glitter...

Here are a few of the anchor charts my firsties and I created last week:

Our Shared Reading objective was text evidence and inferences.  We had just discussed schema the previous week.  I created a short text passage with our polar bear theme leaving out the topic.  Here are the before and after shots.
Here are a few of our anchor charts from math and science...

As requested, the Work on Words bin labels are now posted in my TPT Store! for only $2. Check them out!
And finally...this week we are working on main idea and details using "Snowmen at Night!" Click HERE for a free response sheet that I whipped up after school today!

I hope that everyone is off to an awesome short week that only has 3 working days left! giggles!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daily 5 Work on Words...Freebie too!

As mentioned in previous posts, this my first year to implement the Daily 5.  My students favorite 2 are Listen To Reading and Work on Words! I thought I'd share my Work on Words setup using a picture and link post. And here's the icing on the cupcake...I'm also going to link you up with my bff Misty at 3rd Grades A Hoot, who is busy preparing some fabulous 3rd grade work on words ideas as well! 

 I really put this together this year using ideas and activities from other amazing bloggers so the credit really goes to them. I do change some of the activities regularly to focus on our objectives but it's still way less work than a room full of stations to change weekly! Student's use their own word rings (words differentiated for their reading/spelling needs) to complete each activity.

The setup: Pink bins from Dollar Tree & Plastic shelf from Walmart

The breakdown bin by bin...

Playdoh Words:
Pretty self explanatory but I do have a recording sheet so that I can hold students accountable for the words completed during their rotation.  I also encourage them to use the playdoh to make word family words from their word ring if the word follows a pattern.

 Click here for your free copy of the recording sheet!
(Border: Fancy Dog Studio -  Playdoh Letters: Lettering Delights Play Clay Alphabet)

Magnetic Letters:
Students build word wall words and word ring words with magnetic letters.
View my magnetic letter storage post by clicking here.

Word Patterns:
I use this bin to practice our phonics pattern for the week.  They are loving this one!! I use http://theinspiredapple.blogspot.com/'s Word Work Activities. They are having a blast using highlighters, word frames, and stamps. These packs are Uhhh-mazing!! Check them out in her TPT Store!

We use weekly Words Their Way sorts matching our phonics objectives. There are also multiple sort freebies out there that I use to print, laminate, and keep in this bin.
I use alot of sorts from Teacher Bits and Bobs! She has several freebies and some in her TPT Store.

By far the most popular choice! Check out my blog post about Gameboards Galore! Don't forget to click to get your free gameboard.

Word Families:
The objective of the word family bin is to utilize our word wall and Word Family Board to work on spelling and reading word family words.  Students can use pointers to read our word family board or practice reading and recording word families using First Grade Blue Skies Lit Station Word Family Mats that can be found in her her TPT Store. (On a side note... I also use her Label It pages for Work on Writing...which I just love!) They are adorable.

Dry Erase:
I also keep dry erase markers and whiteboards in work on words for any recording, practice, partner games, etc. needed. My students also use the dry erase boards to give themselves a practice "Word Wall Test."

Woooo....that was ALOT. Hopefully I've given you the hook up though with ideas, links, and printables.  Of course, these are just a handful of ideas for work on words.  I am always looking for new ideas myself, changing, adapting, and attempting to perfect all areas in my classroom.  Thank you so much to all of the amazing blogging teachers that inspire me, give free printables, and keep their TPT stores stocked for my use. (giggles)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lesson Reflection Freebie...

Oh my word...I can't believe it's back to work tomorrow! I seriously used every bit of my 2 weeks. Now to get re-motivated, re-vamped, and re....glittered for the second half of the school year! Let's start with a freebie! Recently my grade level team was responsible for presenting at staff development.  Our assignment was the "Reflection" chapter in Ron Clark's Excellent 11.  Here is a little printable I made for teacher reflection. I keep all of my lesson plans for the year in a 3 ring binder. When I get ready to plan the same week the following year, I pull out my lesson planning binder and see what we're going to do the same or change up. I'm sure you have something similar whether it be file folders, notebooks, etc.  Here's the thing...I always find a pin on pinterest, blog post, or some idea I wished I'd had BEFORE I planned the lesson! Sooo...here's the idea...I'm going to copy the lesson reflection freebie below, 3 hole punch, and place in front of the week's lessons so when I turn to that plan next year, I remember my notes. I know this is not a new concept, but I've made a cutesy little page that will work well for me and is blogger/pinner friendly....giggles. Hope that you can get some use out of it too.

 Click here to download your copy.

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