Friday, November 2, 2012

Behavior Clip Chart....Freebie!

Just before school started I posted a picture HERE about my new owl clip chart that I downloaded from 3rd Grade's a Hoot.  I'm loving this clip chart system!! I feel like I am signing (well actually a responsible student from each table is signing behavior sheets...unless a student is lower than "ready to learn", then I sign!) so many fewer folders at the end of the day and it truly saves a headache!! I LOVE that it gives a chance for those fabulous behaving students to strive for something above and beyond! Sooo...this post and couple of freebies are dedicated to those sweet owls! After reading the free ebook linked above I decided to go with the idea of adding "jewels" to the clips that reached outstanding for the day. Check out the bling (aka: glitter)!...
(Yes, my clips are spray painted white, because the wood color just wasn't working for me!)

Now on to the freebies...the ebook also suggests a "Clip Hall of Fame" for those receiving a certain number of jewels.  I went with 5! Once a student reaches 5 outstanding jewels, their clip is retired to the Hall of Fame! Check it out!

I just used a $3 frame from Walmart, some of my favorite ribbon from Hobby Lobby hot glued to the back, and this free printable!
Click HERE for your copy!

But wait, there's more...
One of my fabulous first grade team members needed her clip chart and hall of fame to match her zebra & green theme. Taadaaa!

And finally, one of my other teammates uses my Birdies & Buntings Classroom Decoratives so of course I'm glittering you with a clip chart that matches that set as well!!

Well I hope that at least one of those will fit your room's decor and you can get some use out of this amazing little behavior management system.  I'm off to enjoy my fall weekend. giggles...