Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lorax Love!

Four day weeks are crazy busy!!! We had staff development on Monday while students enjoyed the weather. Sounds all glitter and giggles but here's the thing, my students were scheduled to have a class performance at our school assembly on Friday.  That left 3 days to practice and prepare. Yikes! I signed up for this date intentionally at the beginning of the year to correlate with Dr. Seuss' birthday.  As soon as I found out that The Lorax would be released, I knew we had to incorporate the two.  Here are a few pictures of my firsties...
We wore our lorax-staches during the assembly to perform a living timeline of Dr. Seuss, show The Lorax movie preview on the screen, and sing a Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss song. (I haven't quite figured out why this group always insists on looking so tough and gangsta in their pictures with their heads tilted to the side and non-smiling eyes, but it's becoming a trend...maybe they were just tired of me taking pictures!)
You know I had to glitter the staches!!! You can find them at The Teaching Bug or Sub Hub!

This is our Truffula Timeline.  My firsties held up the truffulas and shared Dr. Seuss milestones from 1904 up to the 2012 release of The Lorax movie. 
We have a tradition on our campus that every year for Read Across America, guest readers come in and read Seuss books on our live portal every hour of the school day.  We began the day with our Superintendent conducting the first reading.

We topped off our day with a First Grade Movie Night! I met a handful of my firsties at the theater to watch the movie together.  Between me & my firsties, my teammate & her firsties, and Misty at 3rd Grade's a Hoot with her thirdsters, I think we packed the theater!! The movie was all that I hoped it would be and I adored the giggles that filled the theater from our kiddos who had spent the week falling in love with the story. Hope you had a wonderful Seuss-filled week as well. Now off to enjoy some of this gorgeous Texas weather!