Monday, August 22, 2011

Teacher Week Day One: Meet The Teacher!

I'm so excited to link up for Teacher Week!

It's so amazing to find out about the wonderful teachers that make my blog stalking and hopping so much fun.  Here goes...

Tell us a little something about you...
Well I'm sort of new to the blogging world, just beginning my blog in June. However, I've been stalking for longer. I'm married to a high school basketball coach and calculus teacher. I have a daughter that I just love to dress up and have a slight obsession with hairbow buying. I'm a teacher nerd and a children's book junkie. I have so many favorites that I couldn't even begin to list them. Let's just say all things yummy, bright, funny, crafty, organizational, fabulous, chic, sparkly, and Hollywood.

How long have you been teaching...
I am beginning my 6th year as a first grade teacher. I have been in the same district since my first year of teaching and I just think there's no better place.  It is also the same school district that I grew up in! I can't imagine teaching any other age than first graders.

You might not know...
I thought that I wanted to be a high school drill team director! I actually was for a few years! Don't get me wrong, I loved working with the girls, but I had them decorating Christmas cards with glitter, pom poms, and construction paper for the cafeteria staff one year when the principal mentioned that I might love elementary! She was right.

What are you looking most forward to this school year...
Definitely implementing the Daily 5. I'm sold on the idea of my students building stamina with the added bonus of less literacy station preparation. I'm also excited to get to know my new teaching team and see what the year ahead has in store for us.

What do you need to improve...
I am so passionate about teaching literacy. I get so excited with every new lesson, strategy, book, and story. I need to improve my passion for math.  I don't mind teaching math, and I feel like my kiddos do pretty well, I'd just like to make it more fun and exciting! Thank goodness for the blogging world. I've already seen some fresh ideas.

What teaching supplies can you *not* live without...
Well this one is a pretty long list to, but I'll try to cut it down!
1. 3 Drawer Plastic Shelves
2. Filetastic Organizer
3. Cutesy File Folders
4. Sorts of All Sorts (The Mailbox)
5. Teachers Pay Teachers!!!
6. Frogstreet Decoratives
7. Sweet Tea in the teacher's lounge
8. Thirty-One totes
9. My team (ok, clearly this is not in order of value!)
10. Really Good Stuff Plastic Containers

Ok, I'd like to share so much more but today was our first day of school and my Thirty-One large utility tote is jam packed with home to-do's to prep for tomorrow! Toodles everyone, and I'm so anxious to meet you too!


  1. Marisa,
    I hope you had a great first day back. You must be exhausted! It was great to meet you.

  2. I love glitter and giggles...great title ^_^
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your blog so, so much! Thanks for being so inspiring! xo!