Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone?...

OH MY EASTER BUNNY! It has been a month since I have posted!!! Y'all this past month has been CU-RAZY and has resulted in a short break from my glittery little blog.  First of all, our Spring Break was pushed back to the first week in April this year and seemed to take an eternity to arrive.  My kiddos were bonkers and of course the teachers were chompin at the bits for a break. And then there's the first round of state testing! Sheesh! I don't teach a testing grade level here in Texas but I do administer the test every year which is quite a bit of pressure.  Finally, my Spring Break arrived and then the lovely little neighborhood here in Texas was hit by an F3 tornado.  My daughter and I were home when it hit. Thankfully, we and our home were left unharmed.  I prefer to never experience anything like that again.  The community is working on rebuilding and the amount of support has been just amazing!
It's just heartbreaking to see, but a miracle as well.  NO ONE was seriously injured!'s back to work tomorrow and time to get motivated to finish the year strong.  As I scroll through my blog Dashboard I am so refreshed by all of the ideas I see from such creative teachers and I'm getting excited to head back to the classroom and adding new glitter to this blog.   After getting inspired by Cara at The First Grade Parade revamping story retelling using a Wizard of Oz theme (you know I love me some Wizard of Oz! and glittery shoes) and loving my home more than ever after the tornado this week, I'd like to share this sweet little printable that I made as a reminder...there's no place like HOME!
Click here for your copy of the printable.
(Graphics by Dreamlike Magic, KPM Doodles, and Dennis Graphic Design)

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your week, hug your family, and be thankful for your home!