Thursday, June 16, 2011

Work Sweet Home...

I've pondered what the best way to introduce myself through this glittery little blog might be, and I think I'll start workplace! It's funny, you know how you have your coming home routine? Mine goes a little something like this, close the door, purse on the bench, large work tote dropped heavily onto the ground (some days it's like the heaviest weight lifted off of your shoulder!), keys onto the table, and a quick survey around the house to see what kind of a mess you might be up against this evening. One morning I came to the realization that I had a different but similar routine every morning when I came to work...unlock classroom door, drop the large work tote that you may or may not have had the chance to even open the night before, turn on the computer, pull down the projector screen, write the morning message, and quickly survey the room to see what kind of a mess you might be up against for the day! Giggles! That's when it hit me. This place is my second home...and...I love it just as much.  Work sweet home. So here are a few pictures so that you know where I spend my time.

This is Barbara Walker Elementary School. Located in a fast growing master-planned community.

This adorable sign that hangs in front of my door was a gift from one of my former students.
These are my amazing teammates that also reside in my building! (This group is changing quite a bit this next year, as our community continues to grow.) PS-We love Fancy Nancy!

And here are a few random pictures from inside of my room. I have lots more to share, but my room is currently packed up and in the hallway to prepare for summer floor maintenance. Wow! What a sight!

Thanks for peeking into my world!


  1. I love your word family board! I may have to copy you next year! How do you use it with your students?
    Ms. A

  2. Oh yay! I'd love for you to copy! Down in each vowel pocket is a laminated word family card (I'll take some pics to send you soon!) with the family printed as the header. __at, __and, __ot, etc. Once I have introduced a family for the day/week and we have completed a few activites, I let the students generate a list of family words for that word family while I record onto the card. We read aloud our generated list and then I add it to the family board. I leave all of the short vowel families up until 2nd semester and then we begin long vowel families. The students refer to the board for read around the room, writer's workshop, etc. It has been very helpful. Hope that helps!

  3. I just sent you an email about this board and would love to copy it also. I am wanting to see more pics too and find out what you used for the family cards. My email is Thanks!

  4. I love seeing how other teachers decorate their room! :)