Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calendar Linky Party

Ms. A over at Oceans of First Grade Fun is having a calendar linky party and I've decided to join.  Although I did post a smaller picture of my calendar/meeting board earlier, here is a larger view. I've had the same basic meeting board for a few years now with small changes.  Although this version is in my comfort zone, I am considering going digital! However, what I DO like about my meeting board, is that after a few weeks of practice, my board is student led. The line leader (student of the week) leads the entire class in singing, questioning, and adding to the board. They take great pride in this responsibility!
Here is my meeting board line-up!
1. Song - Dr. Jean Days of the Week (turning on this song is the student's cue to transition to the board) - Yesterday was...Today is...
2. Song - Dr. Jean Macarena Months - add date - Today is Friday, June 17th...
3. Song - Dr. Jean Weather - What's the weather - class discussion - add to chart & graph
4. Place Value - add straw to the pocket chart(days in school) - Student asks "What's my place value?"
5. Hundreds Chart - Leader decides counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, etc.
6. Money Song
7. Even & Odd Song - Students determine if place value number is even or odd
8. Song - Dr. Jean States Song - We focus on 1-2 states per week (find on map, capitol, interesting facts)
9. Good things - This is from our Capturing Kids Hearts Program (2 students share)

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  1. Thanks for linking up with me. I love your calendar board and routines.
    Ms. A