Monday, September 3, 2012

Posh Pencil Containers...

Well the first week has come and gone and I believe that I have recovered!! Following up the first week with a 3 day weekend is just perfection.  In my last bit of to-do's before school actually started, I decided to glitter up my classroom pencil containers.  I was so happy that Misty at 3rd Grade's a Hoot created a fab pencil freebie using the adorable pencil graphics from Melonheadz! I didn't want to purchase any new containers so I hunted around for a few that would fit my vision. I found a couple of decorative cans I had purchased at Michael's for my daughter's painting party.

The supplies...2 sheets 12x12 scrapbook paper, 2 medium plastic paint cans from Michael's, printed fab pencil freebie labels, scissors, and tape (not pictured)

I trimmed down the scrapbook paper to the height of the cans and glued the label.

I fit the paper to the inside of the can (you kind of have to shove it in there!) and attached a few pieces of tape inside.  My paper left a gap, but I just used some of the scrap that I had cut off to fill the space.

Tadaaa!! They are just what I wanted!

Check them out next to a few adorable classroom additions (I found them at a candy store in Destin!) that I found this summer...

Now on to week two!!! Sending gobs of glitter and giggles your way...


  1. Love this idea, it is really cute! Off to Michael's tomorrow.

  2. Love the pencil containers and stuffed animals to go with them. So adorable!

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