Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinkalicious & Cupcakes!

I love the week of Valentine's Day. Yes party day makes for a crazy afternoon, but it's the week that we read one of my FAVORITE books...Pinkalicious!! I just adore this book.  How could you not with this amount of pink in one place?  Even my boys get into it.  I had a little giggle today when after reading her call herself "Pinkerbell" one of the boys spontaneously yelled "Red-erbell" after she turns red.  haha.  Our theme for this week and last is cupcakes, so this fits perfectly. I use and just adore this little pack from First Grade Fanatics...

Click HERE to grab your copy.

We are also reviewing long a word families this week. I made a little gameboard for practice that matches our theme and thought I'd share as a freebie.

That's it for now Pink-tastic friends. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!!!

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