About Me

Hello!  My name is Marisa Curtis.  I am a southern girl that loves living in Texas and I'm blessed to have an amazing career and beautiful life.

A Teacher
I began my journey in education as a High School Drill Team Director and Aide, yikes!!! I learned a ton about communicating with parents in that genre but knew in my heart that Elementary school would be my niche.  I continued my degree in education as an Instructional Aide in an Elementary Title 1/MTA classroom. That's where I learned the ropes...lunch duty, covering classes, and amazing instructional and classroom management observations along the way. And then it began.  I was hired to be a First Grade teacher at the Elementary School in my home town!! I LOVED it! I spent 8 years in First Grade with a passion for read alouds, creating lessons, and doing whatever I could to get my firsties excited to come to school.  At the same time, I found myself motivated to share as much as possible with my team...my friends.  This led me to my newest role as an Instructional Coach. A position that is both challenging and rewarding, much like my First Grade classroom! I love what I do and even more the people that I am able to share it with.

A Mom
My most important title.  My girl keeps me on my toes! She's a crafty, intelligent, ball of independence.  She motivates me to model a positive outlook, creativity, and the value in serving others.  The two of us are thick as thieves and enjoy spending time together planning parties and anything that allows us to laugh together!


A Friend
An amazing part of getting up to go to work every day, is knowing that I will be able to spend the day with my friends! I adore the group of teachers that I work with whom also happen to serve as my best friends. I couldn't make it without them. The culture in my building is something remarkable and I can't imagine working anywhere else.  We work hard.  We play hard.  And we do it together! 

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